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Cofinitive Communications Clinic is back for 2019

Last year The Bradfield Centre launched Office Hours where businesses can receive free advice from experts in their fields to help you take your business to the next level. This is continuing into 2019, which means that the Cofinitive Communications Clinic is back.

The Cofinitive Communications Clinic offers internal and external communications advice for start-ups, scale-ups and established businesses.

What do you do if your business has changed and how do you effectively communicate this? Is your business strategy reflected in your comms? Maybe your branding doesn’t match up? What is the perception of your company to your target audience?

We will sit down with you and answer any comms questions that you may have on branding, PR, marketing communication, engagement or strategy. Previous clinics have covered areas such as social media, PR, stakeholder management, employee engagement and networking, but our expertise doesn’t end there.

The Cofinitive Communications Clinic sessions run on the last Wednesday of every month. The next clinic dates are: 30th January – 27th February – 27th March – 24th April – 29th May – 26th June – 31st July – 28th August –          25th September – 30th October – 27th November – 25th December

To book your slot for a 1-2-1 session with one of the Cofinitive account executives visit: https://calendly.com/faye-holland/cofinitive-communications-clinic/01-30-2019

We will also be holding a clinic in conjunction with Cambridge Wireless at the Bradfield Centre on Friday 26th April.

CW is running a programme of free clinics throughout 2019 that bring together companies in need of professional advice from specialist experts.  In this clinic we will offer tailored advice to get your communications moving in the right direction. To book your 30 minute slot and find out how you can #BeCofinitive with your communications visit: https://www.cambridgewireless.co.uk/events/cw-clinics-cofinitive/